Provide Feedback on AIR’s OAKS Online Helpdesk

Thank you for participating in this survey. We strive for excellence in providing customer service and your candid feedback on our Helpdesk is invaluable and much appreciated. The survey is short and should only take you a couple minutes. Your responses will be anonymous unless you chose to provide us with your contact information.

1) Did the agent greet you by stating the name of the project, provide you with their name, and ask for your name?

2) Was the agent courteous and professional? If no, please comment.

3) Do you feel the agent understood your question/inquiry?


5) Was your problem/question resolved? If not, what action did the agent take?

6) Did the agent provide you with correct and relevant information?

7) Were you placed on hold?

8) If so, did the agent ask permission to place you on hold?


10) If the call was not completed with your first contact, was proper follow-up provided in a timely fashion?

11) Did the agent ask if there was anything else you needed today?

12) Did the agent thank you?

13) If follow-up was needed, did the agent provide you with the case number?



Thank you again for providing feedback. Click “Submit Survey” to complete the survey and submit your responses.